Holidays are coming! | California salad

Holidays are coming! You still may want to lose a few pounds to look better in that dress you bought for your upcoming parties. To be honest, there is only 20 days left until Christmas, little can be done or are you planning to follow a strict regime ? No strict regime for me, that’s for sure. However, I believe you can still do something and that is to eat light meals in the coming 20 days. Build a small buffer and celebrate the holidays filled with lots of delicious food and champagne. So ladies and gents cook light meals to get ready for the Christmas – and year end parties, and lets hit the gym afterwards ;)

A light and fresh salad, easy to make at home!

California salad (A light and fresh salad)

3 surimi sticks,
4 tablespoons of corn
2 tablespoons of light mayonnaise
30 gram avocado
1/5 of lettuce
1/4 of cucumber

1. Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and slice out the cucumber seeds.
2. Cut the lettuce and cucumber into strips
3. Shred the surimi sticks
4. Mix everything in a large bowl and add the corn, avocado and mayonnaise


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