DIY Christmas treat | Marshmallow Christmas Tree

Shops and streets are already filled with Christmas decorations, lights and food. December is always the month for cities to light up literally. Compared to some cities like Hong Kong, Amsterdam is a bit modest in their Christmas lightings. Nevertheless, the cold winter, dark days and snow – strolling down the city with shimmering lights on the background has his own charm. When I am in Hong Kong with Christmas I love to go outside, but when I am back in Amsterdam I love to spend my holidays inside. Should have something to do with the weather of course.

This year I am spending my holidays in Amsterdam, so I thought of doing a little DIY treat. I wanted to make something that is edible, nice for on the table and of course with a Christmas feel. Thus, I came up with this edible little Christmas treat for on the dinner table. I am happy with the outcome*, because at the end of the evening you can pull out all the skewers, roast it and share it with your friends and family!

* but to make the tree more colourful, you can add some candies in between the marshmallows. However if you want to roast it afterwards, don’t forget to pull out the candies first!

DIY Christmas treat

To make this Christmas treat yourselves you will need:
floral foam
1 elastic band
Plastic foil

  1. Wrap the floral foam with plastic foil, to prevent the green dust of falling of the foam.
  2. Use ribbon or other wrappings to wrap the foam. Remember to leave a little space open to pin in the skewers.
  3. For each skewers I used 5 marshmallows (total 6 skewers). When you have pinned all the 5 skewers evenly into the foam, use an elastic band to tie the 5 ends together. Use 1 marshmallow on top to cover the ends of the skewers. You will still see a little bit of the skewers, I used a ribbon to cover it.

And you are done!

DIY edible Christmas tree


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