SEEING FOOD – Finally, I got my own .com address! So from now on please go to www.seeingfood.com to see more posts about Asian cooking, baking and lots more about  food!


Seeing Food, a food lover who likes to cook, eat and share her passion for photography. Seeing food is all about tracking my food journey and sharing good food that make eyes glitter ^^

With my roots in the Cantonese kitchen,  I try to recreate some of those delicious Chinese/ Cantonese dishes. I also like to explore other Asian cuisines and with a little European influence and twist from my side, I try to create more delicious food. My cooking style is Cook By Feel. Look, Taste and Smell. I only make an exception when baking cakes and cookies. For baking I work very precise, because it’s prone to fail if it’s not the right ratio. Besides home cooking I will share, take away, snacks, restaurant food and just really cute cool awesome food related things on Seeing Food.

Little bits about me: Working fulltime, love to cook and eat,  shopping of course and yoga.
Little side note Seeing food means literally seeing food but also it sounds like my Chinese name, not the food part though ^^
Another little side note: Although I really love to eat and cook. I am also a lazy cook. Once and a while you will see me posting a not so lazy recipe, but most of the time you will see me cooking simple and quick dishes.

Hope you will enjoy!

All images and content on this website are exclusive property of Seeing Food | Fiona S C. and should not be redistributed, copied and modified without my consent. Would you like to share anything on this website please  credit given to Seeing Food  or a link back to Seeing Food. All photographs are taken by me unless otherwise stated in the post.

© 2012 by Seeing Food


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