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Hong Kong western style breakfast, Set A or Set B |A: Egg and Ham Sandwich + hot drink B: Macaroni + hot drink

The number one for breakfast | The perfect boiled egg


Easy & Simple | Chinese rice vermicelli beef soup

Classic Cantonese noodles | Stir fried rice noodles with beef 乾炒牛河

Mom’s cookbook | Chinese chicken/prawn dumplings (Jiao zi)

Lunch Time! | Chicken sandwich

Dim sum at home | Seeingfood Siu Mai


Another bowl of rice please| Sweet chili shrimps

Cantonese home cooking| Silken soft steamed eggs

My favourite dish in a Chinese restaurant | Beef fillets in Chinese style 中式牛柳

Q: Got leftovers? | A: Fried rice with salmon

Home alone | Korean style dinner

Meatless sunday| vegetarian instant noodle stir-fry

Not available in supermarkets | Taro Pancake

Cantonese home cooking | Garlic stir fry mussels with Chinese vermicelli


Today Cake day | Japanese Cotton cheesecake

New Year’s snack dessert | Korean crunchy rice cake bites

Cake trial| Green tea cake ( Matcha Cake)

There is always room for ice cream| Matcha ice cream (green tea ice cream)

❤ Cake| Raspberry Hokkaido chiffon cake 山莓北海道牛奶蛋糕

Black pearls | Bubble tea珍珠奶茶

❤ Cake | Nothing fancy just butter cake

❤ Cake HK Style | Cake wrapped in paper 纸包蛋糕

Cantonese sugar soup | Taro and Tapioca pearls dessert 芋頭西米露

Sweet craving | Chocolate cake in 10 minutes

Chinese dessert | Black sesame dumplings (Tang Yuan ) 芝麻湯圓

Summer bite, the XS version| Strawberry button cupcake

Optical illusion 1 big cake | Black sesame cake with cream cheese frosting

New type of cake? | Sponge cake X Japanese cotton cheesecake

Light meals

Holidays are coming! | California salad

Another light meal | Chinese vermicelli with Vietnamese dressing

Oriental salad | Sweet & sour shrimp salad

Healthy snack | Roasted sweet potato and tartar sauce

Easy and low calorie lunch or dinner| Chicken konnyaku (Jǔruò: 蒟蒻) noodle soup


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